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In order for a Chief Experience Officer (CXO) to perform at a high level, the individual must have deep relationships with the entire executive team, especially the CTO, the CIO, CMO, and CCO.

The CXO typically reports to the chief executive officer (CEO), chief operating officer (COO) or chief marketing officer (CMO)

A Chief Experience Officer typically has oversight of an entire customer journey to help create a positive interaction between companies and individuals, and can help predict the path of future customers.

Without a CXO, a company may not have a defined way to extend CX beyond care and support services. CXOs oversee the customer lifecycle, ensuring positive CX. Typically, a CXO is in charge of increasing customer and employee understanding, designing and delivering positive CX, prioritizing a customer’s viewpoint in any decision-making processes and keeping track of key performance indicators

More and more companies are realising the need for a single executive with focus on the customer experience. Proven talent in this area, especially at the executive level, is very difficult to find.

Without help, many organisations will likely have to settle for first-timers, either by transitioning a current executive to the CXO role.

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Our CXO executive headhunters use an Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit high impact CXO candidates for Start-Up, Scale-Up, SME & Larger Enterprises in Tech.

Our clients typically use our executive search service when they need a Chief Experience Officer role filled. Our clients are typically high growth technology companies OR companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business / product / service - across a range of sectors from Artificial Intelligence, to SaaS, to Insurtech, to IoT and more.

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