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Our 4-Step Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) Solution combined with our Market Maps of the UK, Europe & US CxO, VP, Director & Leadership Talent, ensures that you attract, hire & retain the high impact talent you require for your business.


Our market map of the UK, Europe & US technology landscape of CxO, VP & Director talent, ensures you have access to the top 15% of executive talent, through our automated search & engagement systems


Established Authority Presence in Executive Talent Pools with our 24/7/365 digital marketing platform that accelerates our reach and engagement with passive candidates


1-to-many engagement to pre-engaged CxO, VP & Director Talent using a digital marketing platform, providing inbound interest coupled with traditional outbound executive search techniques


Our 4-step Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System ensures skills, cultural & aspiration fit and a thorough selection process that 'de-risks' your hiring selection

The 4 Pillars of our ETAR System

Our system is built upon the 4 pillars at the foundation of our executive search practice, where we have spent considerable time & we have invested heavily in an inbound system. We understand the influence & impact of ‘Digital’ and use a ‘Whole Market Candidate Attraction Strategy’.

Finding Hidden Leadership Talent

You can’t find the right senior talent for your business and top leaders won’t seek you out.

The majority are not looking, happily employed and frequently pursued for opportunities.

If you want them, you have to find them, understand their intrinsic motivators, engage them, recruit them and retain them.

This is what Aruba Exec and our ETAR System does.
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CEOs, Founders & Executives contact us when they realise their success is being impacted by not being able to identify, attract & recruit Top Talent.
This is where we come in.Executive Search & headhunting the top performing executives is labour-intensive, complex, and requires a rare and wide range set of skills and expertise.
Average % of executives active in the market at any given time
Active Executive Candidates In The Market
Average % of executives that won't see your direct hiring activities
Not Looking - Will Not See Your Job Posting 

Our Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR™) System

We know the executive hiring journey can be difficult. As executive search professionals, we’ve been through many search engagements and have a 99%+ service success record, compared to the executive search firm average of 63%. Our approach uses an ETAR system which engages with top C-Suite & VP Talent 24/7/365 for searches, where we typically touch circa 5000 candidates per search to deliver a top candidate shortlist for clients to select from.
1. A Deep Dive On Your Business
Consult & Engage
2. Executive Research & Evaluation
Research & Evaluate
3. Final Candidate Qualification & Delivery
Qualify & Deliver
4. Executive Talent Retention Program
Onboard & Retain

We Guarantee Our Placements for 1 Full Year

Our service is high touch throughout & personal relationship driven and has many of our candidates becoming recruiting clients. We’re routinely told, that our personal service & results far exceeds the large, big brand executive search firms, who are quite often restricted by many ‘hands-off’ restrictions on where they can search. Clients come to us because of our process, our methodology & our ETAR System giving clients access to candidates they wouldn’t have had access to via traditional executive search.

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During this call, we will audit your current executive hiring needs and determine if our Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) system, would work for you and your firm.

2. Proposal Review

Following our call, if we are a good match on partnering together, we will construct and send a robust proposal to you within 24 hours. This will include timelines, investment and delivery on your executive hiring needs for your review and approval.

3. Engage & Execute

Following sign off to our proposal, we will commence the search and put together robust candidate briefing documentation for your review and approval which will attract, recruit and retain the desired executive talent.
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Aruba Exec is one of the top executive search firms with offices in the UK, who specialise in the search and recruitment of C Suite, VP & Director positions for companies in the UK, Europe & US. We are among the best executive recruitment firms for C Suite appointments, executive coaching and a reliable source for C Suite salary information.

Discover How Aruba Executive Search Can Help Your Company Attract, Recruit & Retain Game-Changing C-Suite Executives.

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