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Our CAIO executive search firm delivers high impact Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers to Technology companies across the UK, Europe & US.
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Aruba Exec are executive headhunters and specialise in the recruitment for senior AI or Artificial Intelligence appointments for technology organisations.

Titles and scope of role vary from company where job titles could be Chief AI Officer, Vice-president (VP) – AI research, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer.

So, who will make a good CAIO? This is a hard role to fill — balancing data science and technology skills with broader business change management experience, coupled with the broader team mix and the budget available and the key questions that the business faces.

The CAIO sets the AI strategy and roadmap and applies AI to help existing lines of business and create new products or lines of business. The CAIO leads innovation initiatives by keeping up with leading-edge AI technology developments and adapting existing AI tools to the organisation.

AI deployment often has a need for translation between data science teams and business stakeholders and companies should consider appointing a Chief AI Officer (CAIO) to set strategy, support technology choices, and drive roll-out.
The CAIO works closely with the CTO and CIO to spearhead new innovative solutions or enhancements by applying machine learning or deep learning technologies across all aspects of the business. This executive position usually oversees major strategic initiatives to take businesses forward for the future.

More About CAIO Recruitment

Our CAIO executive headhunters use an Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit high impact CAIO candidates for Start-Up, Scale-Up, SME & Larger Enterprises in Tech.

Our clients typically use our Executive Search service when they need a CAIO role filled. Our clients are typically high growth Technology companies OR companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business/product/service.

Come and discuss your CAIO executive search and recruitment needs for your business, by calling +44 203 637 8350 email or book a Free, No-Obligation 30-Minute Confidential Call and we can discuss how we can help you identify high impact leadership candidates.

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