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Our Edtech executive search & headhunting service delivers C Suite, VP & Director level candidates for senior appointments in Edtech all over the UK, Europe & US.
Edtech, or education technology refers to hardware and software designed to enhance teacher-led learning in classrooms and improve students’ education outcomes.

Edtech is about applying digital technology to deliver a new form of learning architecture. An architecture that harnesses the social reach of the internet, that delivers personalized learning and training that can automatically adjust to an individual’s learning competence and that uses big data analysis to understand the most effective ways for learners to progress.

The importance of Edtech does not just lie with the power it has to bring down costs and engage learners in new and innovative ways, it is also about the way in which it can equalize standards and enable access for all.

Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats have massively improved access to education, as well as enhancing the learning process itself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them exciting standardisation possibilities for content.
It is set to transform the future of how education is resourced, taught, consumed and, ultimately, the results that it can then yield. That's why the demand for top talent in this field is fierce and one of the reasons why our clients invest in edtech executive search services.

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Aruba’s edtech executive search headhunters have a strong track record in recruiting executives in Edtech through using our Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System for Start Up, Scale Up & SME businesses.

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