Diversity & Inclusion

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Commitment

At Aruba Exec, we passionately believe that having a diverse and inclusive leadership team - a 'balanced leadership team' - enables our clients to be able to create a better world where individuals and organisations not only grow; they thrive and prosper.
We work with our clients to help shape the future of leadership into a more diverse field. We typically look for culture add and culture blend rather than culture fit, as our clients benefit from different talent with diverse perspectives.

We challenge our clients to consider every search mandates' parameters and actively engage with the broadest range of candidates so that we access the most diverse talent pool and recruit the best people.

Innovation happens by bringing together individuals who share a common purpose but who have diverse outlooks and approaches.

Employers are increasingly coming to recognise the strong business case for improving the level of diversity and inclusion. 

Securing the most talented professionals will require employers to take on a new, innovative approach to access more diverse talent pools.

By recruiting professionals from a range of backgrounds, businesses gain access to a wide variety of viewpoints and perspectives. 

Companies with leaders from a broad range of backgrounds have been found to outperform firms with a less diverse leadership team.
We are deeply aware of the value of diversity and inclusion. It is central to our core values and it is our fundamental belief that organisations deliver better performance, better working environments, when diverse voices are heard and individuals feel they are valued and belong..

Every executive search project starts with ensuring we’ve captured the data and market mapping that represents the best, highest performing leaders.

We help shape and transform client organisations and cultures and we recognise the responsibility this brings. 

Our commitment is to provide guidance and executive search solutions that promotes open relationships with our clients. 

We challenge bias, we look beyond labels and stereotypes and we focus on potential alongside existing skills and experience.
We ensure that our shortlists are inclusive, diverse, gender, ethnically and culturally balanced that propels business success.

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