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Our CMO executive search & headhunting service delivers high impact Chief Marketing Officers to companies across the UK, Europe & US.
A CMO’s primary mission is to facilitate growth and increase sales by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will promote brand recognition and help the organisation gain a competitive advantage. In order to achieve their own goals and effectively shape their companies’ public profile, CMOs must be exceptional leaders and assume the voice of customer experiences across the company.

Marketing Executives have to focus more on the emotional engagement, rather than the rational one, because people need stories, to connect better with your brand. As such, storytelling has been transformed into a strategic business competency, conduit to customers, that a marketing leader needs to possess.

Furthermore, the marketers role, using technologies, has to transform the user-product experience into an interactive one, instead of the old-fashioned approach which was focused on a mere transaction. This is because people / customers want to feel that connection of being made to feel important and cared for.

The job title may vary in organisations depending on the company structure, but commonly we also see marketing teams led by Customer Insight Director, Sales & Marketing Director & Brand Director across industry & organisations all over the UK, Europe & US, with a need for a wide-reaching marketing strategy and long-term growth.

Having a close alignment of Sales & Marketing Strategies can make a huge impact on a company’s success & growth, marketing return on investment as well as sales efficiency. Putting the customer experience at the heart of this strategy requires strong and persuasive leadership, talent & ability, communicating frequently between functions to ensure the customer journey is centric and world-class.
Investments in technology, performance marketing & big data have also become key for valuable customer insights to drive engagement, service, and ultimately sales & revenue growth, where marketing functions use lots of data to better understand their customers and how to improve their experience. The CMOs of today are more analytical and technology focused, aligning data to improve their marketing activities.

Our executive search firm uses an Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit high impact candidates for Start-Up, Scale-Up, SME & Larger Enterprises, typically in technology sectors.

Our clients typically use our Executive Search service when they need an Executive role filled. Our clients are typically high growth companies.

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