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A Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) is a high-level executive position and one of the most influential titles in a business, responsible for developing and implementing strategies that grow company revenues and profits. 

The CCO is a key member of the executive team and their responsibilities vary by organisation, but include: 

Creating and executing a sales strategy that increases market share and revenue. 

Optimizing pricing and profitability across products and services. 

Developing marketing plans that increase brand awareness and drive qualified leads to the sales team.

Ensuring effective lead management and lead nurturing processes are in place. 

Managing customer service and support functions.

The CCO is a member of the executive team and reports to the CEO, so they have a great deal of responsibility.
Taking a role as a CCO is an opportunity for a highly-skilled executive to take the lead at a company. They will drive growth and develop a long term strategic vision for the company.

A top CCO will always set the company's business culture. They will know their market inside out and will be focused on building a great brand within it.

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Our CCO executive search firm uses an Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit impactful hires and provide strategic advantage for Start Up, Scale Up, SME & Larger innovative companies, with a focus on growth and ambitious scale plans.

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