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Our London-based executive search firm specialises in delivering diverse candidates for high-impact board, C-Suite, VP level, and director positions for technology companies across London and the South East.
At Aruba Exec, we are one of the top London executive search firms, providing executive consulting and headhunting services to clients looking to hire top talent, whilst also offering C-Suite and VP level career opportunities for candidates.

London is home to approximately 190,000 tech companies, with a multi-billion pound combined turnover and hundreds of thousands of tech jobs. As a result, there is a high demand for technology executive search services in the area.

In addition, the capital is a hub for global digital and technology giants, as well as a growing number of tech start-ups. The city's focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evident, with over 750 AI companies located in the area. London is also the world's first National Park City, committed to being greener and cleaner, with a focus on green technology (greentech) and clean technology (cleantech) ventures.

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About Our Executive Search London Service

We work with high-growth technology companies or companies that have technology at the core of their business, product, or service. Our expert executive search team partners with employers to fill a range of C-Suite, VP roles and Director positions across various tech sectors, including climatetech, cybersecurity, edtech, and venture capital, among others.

If you're looking for the best executive search London service, look no further. Our team of headhunters have the expertise, experience, and network necessary to find the right candidates for your executive positions and to deliver top career opportunities for high performing executives.

Expert Executive Hiring Solutions from Leading London Headhunters

If you're looking for the best executive hiring solutions, our expert team of headhunters can help. Contact our leadership team today to discuss your executive hiring needs. You can reach us by sending an email to hello@arubaexec.com, calling us on +44 203 637 8350, or booking a confidential discussion to chat over a video call.

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