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Our CEO executive search firm delivers high impact Chief Executive Officers to Technology companies across the UK, Europe & US.
The senior board leadership role of Chief Exec & Managing Director defines the success of an organisation and is as important as ever whilst the economy becomes more and more complex with the emergence of new technologies and new markets.

Attributes We Look For In The Search For A CEO

Our CEO executive search firm look for a diverse range of experiences & attributes in CEO leaders we recruit for corporate and scale up organisations. Typically executives should thrive on challenge, be driven, roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches and not just delegate to their team.

They should develop others alongside them by inspiring, mentoring, and growing that talent to take them to the next levels in their capability and surround themselves with the best talent, if not better than themselves, who will challenge them. CEO Leaders need to be fearless of failure to learn, grow and stretch their capabilities.
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Other key leadership skills we look for that define an effective Chief Exec:

- Clear & Concise Communication
- Collaboration
- Approachability
- Transformation Driven and
- Transparency

These professional requirements and traits lead to high impact Chief Executives who are effective, efficient and successful in leading organisations.

Executive Search for a CEO

At Aruba Exec, we use an Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit impactful hires and provide strategic advantage for Start Up, Scale Up, SME & Larger innovative companies, with a focus on growth and ambitious scale plans.

Our clients are in the UK, Europe & US and are typically high growth Technology companies OR companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business/product/service. See some of the tech sectors we have clients operating in.

Our team of expert headhunters can support your C-Suite & VP executive hiring across a number of business leadership roles.

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Contact our CEO recruiters to discuss your search needs, by calling +44 203 637 8350 email or book a vacancy intake call and we can discuss how we can help you identify high impact leadership candidates.

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