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Our Luton executive search, headhunting and recruitment service delivers high impact C Suite, VP & Director Talent to companies across Luton, Stevenage & Bedfordshire.
Luton has a number of British and multi-national high technology firms which have chosen the town for key facilities, including UK and European headquarters.

Luton is nestled at the heart of CambridgeMilton KeynesOxford Growth Corridor Central Area, which is already one of the most innovative and economically successful areas of the UK. Its enormous growth potential is recognised by the Government as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity to be a knowledge intensive cluster, competing globally.

The Growth Corridor is already a world-renowned centre for science, technology and innovation; rapidly becoming the UK’s ‘Silicon Valley’, and helping to drive the country’s investment and growth.

High tech companies in Luton design, assemble and sell advanced technology products, electronic components, software, IoT, defence and aerospace systems, precision control and autosport systems. The success of these businesses, which supply into British and overseas markets, is based on the availability of skilled employees from the high value business clusters across Luton, London and the South East Midlands.

More About Search In Luton

Aruba’s executive headhunters partner with employers in and around Luton & Stevenage who are typically high growth Technology companies OR companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business/product/service.

We have a strong track record through using our Executive Talent Acquisition & Retention (ETAR) System to recruit high impact C Level, VP and Director level Leaders for Start Up, Scale Up & SME businesses.

If you are looking for exceptional talent for your business in and around Luton, then come and discuss your executive search and recruitment needs, by calling +44 203 637 8350 email or book a Free 30-Minute Vacancy Intake Call and we can discuss how we can help you identify high impact leadership candidates.

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