Chief Marketing Technology Officer

The Emergence of the
Chief Marketing Technology Officer

Over the past 5-10 years we have seen the dilution of the traditional C-Suite roles where a whole host of new CxO roles have emerged. In the data and tech driven world that we work in today, we’d like to take a look at one of the newer additions to the C-Suite and that is the role of the CMTO (The Chief Marketing Technology Officer) and look at the need for such a role within a business.

What is the CMTO Role?

So, what is the CMTO role and how does it differ from the traditional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) role and that of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

Well, it’s a hybrid role combining the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing role. The key focus for the role is the harmony between the data-driven marketing and technology elements of a business.

The Interdependency of Marketing & Technology

Forward-thinking business enterprises acknowledge the increasing interdependency of marketing and technology and wish to embrace this opportunity. Combining data-driven marketing & technology expertise is a broad spectrum of responsibility, and this requires an agile leader who is able to master the balance of the ever-evolving marketing role, with the velocity of changes in technology.
Most businesses have a firm grasp that for a successful business growth strategy, at the foundation sits a data driven solution, which intersects with the product/service of a company. Indeed Consumer/Client expectation in the delivery of service or product is always high and to manage this expectation, the CMTO will need to master the dynamic balance between the seamless integration of both technology and marketing.

The CMTO role is not a best fit for all organisations. The role and its scope of responsibility will vary based on the needs of each company, but the success of an individual in the CMTO role will require the leading and driving of collaboration between the marketing and technology functions and an exceptional broad understanding of the organisations’ strategic objectives.

What do we look for in a CMTO?

What do we look for in this role? – Individuals who combine a blend of technical depth of technology, strategic business acumen and analytical skills, creative marketing flair and the ability to inspire and lead others.
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