Hiring The Best Executive Talent

4 Steps
to Hiring the
Best Executive Talent

Hiring The Best Executive Talent

As a business, you’ve formulated a corporate strategy, goals and objectives, and you’ve identified the people you need, who are going to help you achieve them. The next step is to create a hiring plan that will attract the right talent. In order to hire the best executive talent, you need to understand the executive search process.

A specialised recruitment service for executive hiring is one that has been customised to fit the specific needs of a particular company, and helps to fill the full range of executive roles – from a board level executive to director level executives. The way we approach the recruitment process reflects the intention of the client company to hire the best person for the job – this is the most crucial component in making a world-class hiring process.

The key to successful executive recruitment is to follow a structured process to find the best executive talent for the company and industry. The 4 steps are:

1. Identify your requirements and expectations for the role and company – What are the key skills the company requires and why?
2. Develop a plan for searching for the best executive talent – How can you leverage your time most effectively to conduct a thorough search?
3. Conduct a detailed and comprehensive search – How do you find the best executive for your company?
4. Close the deal and make the hiring decision – What is the best way to go about making a hiring decision?

Understand the industry vertical

It is crucial to understand the industry vertical, in order to gain an accurate insight about the hiring trends, growth potential, and the typical skillset that is required for a specific role.
The recruiting process is arguably the most important step in the hiring process. It is also one of the most overlooked, and most difficult. Hiring a top executive requires a great deal of energy, attention, and finesse. The first step is to assess your recruiting goals. What are you looking for? What values, traits, and skills do you value most in an executive? To get started, you need to be specific about the position you wish to fill. Do you need someone who has experience in a certain industry? Who has a stellar educational background? Is the person you’re looking for at the top of their field?

Recruitment is different for executives

While most resumes are evaluated to assess various competencies required for any given job, senior executives do not fit into the typical profile of high-achieving and talented hires. Rather, an executive would be a remarkable hire for a handful of very significant reasons. Most of the time, what makes an executive a unique candidate is the mix of their personality, unique professional skills, and business acumen. More important, however, is what makes them suitable for different roles within the company, and how well they work with others in the company.

Headhunting world-class leadership teams & leadership executives is time & labour-intensive, complex, and requires a rare and wide range set of skills and expertise, to provide a specialised recruitment service. The nuance of executive hiring is that different roles, despite being under the C suite, vary dramatically – not only from each other, but also company by company. In a world where the average C-suite tenure is increasingly shortening, companies with strong executive hiring programs can scale notably more effortlessly than their counterparts.
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