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Our Bath executive search and recruitment service delivers top C Suite, VP & Director talent to technology companies in Bath, Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare and Taunton.
This South West region has a strong history with technology, specifically relating to aerospace and microchip design and there are some global businesses from these sectors established in the area.

The region is attracting a greater range of technology companies such as start-ups, scale-ups and larger enterprises with Robotics being a growing sector in the Bath area.

A top University in Bath is also playing a strong role the role in the development of this UK tech hub with digital skills being developed with incoming and established tech start-ups and companies embracing the availability of skills in the area.

Bath is also one of the most exciting areas for electronics technology in the world – a magnet for hardware and software development.

Some of the notable Tech companies in the area include Dyson, Graphcore, Cray Supercomputers, Ultrahaptics, Open Bionics, Reach Robotics, Oracle, Viper Innovation, KWS BioTest and Costain Technology.

More About Bath Executive Recruitment

Aruba’s executive headhunters partner with employers in and around Bath, Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare & Taunton who are typically high growth Technology companies OR companies who, whilst maybe in a different sector, have technology at the core of their business/product/service.

Our clients typically use our services for a range of C-Suite & VP roles such as CPO, CTO, CEO, CSO and more, across a number of tech sectors, such as agritech, IoT & cleantech, amongst others.

If you are looking for exceptional talent for your business in and around Bath and Somerset, then come and discuss your executive search and recruitment needs, by calling 0203 637 8350 email or book a Free 30-Minute Vacancy Intake Call and we can discuss how we can help you identify high impact leadership candidates.

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