Market Mapping

Why Use
Market Mapping
for Your Talent Acquisition?

You need better recruitment techniques if you want the best candidates for your company. Instead of choosing the simplest, least-effective method, market mapping offers a better way to begin attracting candidates to your business.
Market mapping involves outlining the employment setup of your current market and it has many benefits to offer. Here’s a closer look at why you should use market mapping for your talent acquisition.

Know Geographically Where Your Candidate Pools Are

Do you know where your candidate pools are located geographically? If not, how can you attract the by going where they are? Market mapping will help you find out where your ideal candidates are located geographically, giving you a closer look at your candidate pool so you can acquire the talent you want.

Understand What Companies Your Target Candidate Pools Work At

Using marketing mapping also helps you figure out what companies your target candidate pools work at. Many of the best candidates are passive candidates that aren’t actively searching for a job. If you can figure out where they are at and what companies they’re working at, you have a better chance of attracting them to your company by showing off the unique benefits your company has to offer.

Realise How Large Your Candidate Pool Is

When you use market mapping for talent acquisition, you’ll also learn how large your candidate pool is, which is important. Whether you’re actively recruiting for a specific job or you’re taking a look at the candidate pool for future openings, knowing the size of your candidate pool can be helpful.

See that 90% of Candidates Aren’t Responding and Applying

Approximately 90% of candidates aren’t responding and applying for your positions. When you begin making use of market mapping, you’ll know more about your target candidates, where they are geographically located, the companies they are working at, and more. This makes it easier to go to your candidates, giving them a personal invitation to join your company, which results in better results.

Take the time to hire a professional to map the market. With market mapping, you’ll get to know what your candidate pool looks like, giving you a recruiting advantage.
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